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Riusuke Fukahori – Goldfish Painted in Resin

If you follow my instagram you will immediately see my new ventures into clear resin. I’m using casting resin vs. the typical resin that you see on tables and paintings to coat and protect and add a brilliant layer of shine. I’ve been slowly yet surely dreaming of painting and adding sculptures within sculptures and was beyond excited to discover Riusuke Fukahori‘s three-dimensional goldfish embedded in resin. He carefully paints each layer in between resin to create the effect; the result is so realistic and beautiful.







via This is Colossal

Pia Habekost

Los Angeles painter¬†Pia Habekost¬†is after my own heart with her abstract typographic explorations. These large pieces (all around 96″ x 64″) have dozens of layers of paint and stenciling that create beautiful complex textures. Each piece tends to stay in a single color and narrative theme, ranging from “personal experience to current events”. Check out more of her work here and her inspiring tumblr that I actually very often refer to for my own inspiration.

typography, painting

Electric Daisy Diary

painting, typography, pia habekost

Electric Daisy Diary, Closeup

painting, typography, pia habekost

Four to Get Rich Six to Get Famous

painting, typography, pia habekost

Four to Get Rich Six to Get Famous, Closeup

All images from piahabekost.com

Poor, Judged Bunnies

"Even the Cutest Things", Diptych

In the essence of completing long past projects, I’ve finished another that I started years ago. I received two panes of glass from a department store in Union Square in San Francisco that went out of business. I wasn’t quick enough to nab any mannequins or really cool stuff, but I was happy with my find. A few days later I spent the evening painting a little bunny on fire. I could never think of what the second pane should be until recently so I repainted the flaming bunny and painted the second pane of two bunnies having a go. Matches our house perfectly.