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Mirror Mirror – Infinity Installations

I can’t get enough of these installations that use mirrors to create infinite rooms. Aesthetically, Yayoi Kusama kills it, I want to go to there real bad. And then there’s Thilo Frank’s mirrored room, in which you can enter and watch yourself infinitely swing. Two very beautiful experiences anyone would be mesmerized for hours.



yayoi kusama
infinity mirrored room – the souls of millions of light years away, 2013
wood, metal, glass mirrors, plastic, acrylic panel, rubber, led lighting system, and acrylic balls
113 x 163 3/8 x 168 1/8 inches (287 x 415 x 427 cm)
courtesy david zwirner and yayoi kusama studio inc. photo: maris hutchinson.



via Designboom and Colossal

Nathan Craven

Found this amazing OCD artist, Nathan Craven, on Karen Kimmel! I like this for obvious reasons, but also for his gallery shows in particular. They’re interactive and experiential, something I’m thinking about for my future work.

Photos from Nathan Craven site.

Pia Habekost

Los Angeles painter Pia Habekost is after my own heart with her abstract typographic explorations. These large pieces (all around 96″ x 64″) have dozens of layers of paint and stenciling that create beautiful complex textures. Each piece tends to stay in a single color and narrative theme, ranging from “personal experience to current events”. Check out more of her work here and her inspiring tumblr that I actually very often refer to for my own inspiration.

typography, painting

Electric Daisy Diary

painting, typography, pia habekost

Electric Daisy Diary, Closeup

painting, typography, pia habekost

Four to Get Rich Six to Get Famous

painting, typography, pia habekost

Four to Get Rich Six to Get Famous, Closeup

All images from piahabekost.com