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William Forsythe Choreographic Objects

I first became aware of William Forsythe for his choreography for San Francisco Ballet. I was an in-house graphic designer and became very intimate with the choreographers, dancers, and costumes—names and imagery. Forsythe is also well known for his Choreographic Objects installations in which he will fill a room with balloons for people to interact or hang swinging pendulums while people dance through them to the other side of the room. I love the interaction and the forced movement of the participant, no matter how fluid or stiff you are, you are dancing. Of course he creates his own choreographic work, seen first. Check out the videos here.

william-forsythe-nowhereandeverywhere-01 copy

Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time
Choreographic Work
© William Forsythe



Nowhere and Everywhere
Folkwang Museum, Essen
© William Forsythe







Proliferation and Perfect Disorder
Pinakothek der Moderne, Munchen
© William Forsythe

Janet Echelman’s Net Installations

I think my last post was last year! I’m going to attempt to reboot here as I’m doing extensive research on installation work. This will be “Installation Week”!

Starting with Janet Echelman’s, the most brilliant installations I’ve seen in a long while, giant suspended nets over cities and parks. I keep going back to look at them online, they’re so aesthetically pleasing, something I could lay and look at for hours. Her color choices are bright and beautiful both in the day and nighttime with some nicely placed lighting. She just completed a Kickstarter campaign this year to create a giant installation in Vancouver for the TED Conference. Wish I could go for many reasons!

Found via This is Colossal

AMS_Echelman_PhotoKlaasFopma_04_Crop DEN_Echelman_PhotoPeterVanderwarker_3971_-YYMGJH_cr2 PHX_Echelman_PhotoChristinaOHaver_YYMGJH_cr PHX_Echelman_PhotoJanetEchelman_4642_YYM Porto_Echelman_PhotoEnriqueDiaz SMonica_Echelman_WilliamShortyPhotography_0414crop SYD_Echelman_PhotoMarincoKojdanovski_8628

The Standard, Hollywood Reception

My installation is going up tomorrow! I’m equals times shocked the month went by so fast and relieved the madness is almost over. Although the next day, more work begins as I attempt to create smaller pieces to be sold during the installation. **This is not a guarantee or promise, just a teaser!

Next week on Thursday the 14th, we are having an artist reception. I’ll be there drinking drinks, listening to awesome music played by my friend Jeffrey Paradise, and hanging out with cool people. I hope anyone in LA can be there!!

My friends at Raconteur are helping me organize the event—please RSVP to hello@raconteur.la if you can make it.

A Common Name, The Standard, Hollywood

A Common Name, The Standard, Hollywood

Announcement! Installation at The Standard, Hollywood

I’ve been blogging and making street art a little less since the Baja geode. All because this month I have one mission—to create a huge geode for The Standard Hotel in Hollywood!

I personally did not know what it’s called, but like most people I’ve heard of the space, The Box. You know, the Box behind the front desk, where a model lays every evening (oh Hollywood…)? Every month The Standard asks a new artist to fill their approximately 10′ x 5′ glass box with art of their choosing. I’ve been lucky enough to have been asked to participate this summer for the month of June.

This is a huge task for me, I’ve obviously only been filling small crevices in buildings so far and an abandoned phone booth here and there. But I do think this is a great segue into large site specific installation pieces. The Box is a unique interior space in a building, it looks like a chipped away area or a viewing case in which, of course you may see the actual inside of The Standard there.

I’ve hired a few assistants to help me with the folding for a couple days and I’ve employed Greg once again to help with the installation portion. I’ll be blogging more from here on and feel free to follow the process on twitter, facebook, tumblr, or instagram. Oh yes, I’ve majorly crumbled, so pick your poison!

Check out a few photos of past artists in The Box, and my first steps creating my installation:

The Standard Box - Lister

The Standard Box

The Standard Box

The Standard Box

urban geode, minerals, crystals, quartz formations, paige smith, the standard hotel box

Panel 1 of 5 for The Standard Installation, 2' x 5'

urban geode, minerals, crystals, quartz formations, paige smith, the standard hotel box

Assistants help fold large pieces of paper

The Box Standard Photos © standardculture.com