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Future Fossil – Can for the Tricottet Collection





I’ve got a new concept that I created especially for the Tricottet Collection’s Cabinet of Curiosities. We decided we wanted to create something in a can as a part of my Urban Geode project. I wanted to bring my street art concept to a more sculptural place, instead of inside our man-made buildings, it’s our man-made objects. This can has passed through time, an anachronic object that no longer follows the ‘regular’ world’s rules.

I’m interested to see where this project goes. Early next month I will be participating in Cash Machine, a pop-up art project at the FatherSons space in Atwater Village on April 2nd. I will be adding a few more anachronic objects to the show as well as some new concepts I’ve been working on. Stay tuned for more information as the show draws near.

Geode #3, Downtown LA

Here’s geode number 3! This one lives on the east side of Spring Street between 7th and 8th Streets. It was such a huge challenge to figure out how to properly handle this space—this one looks like Frankenstein on the back end. I changed my mind a dozen times on how to fit the piece and decide where the geode formations should go.

I first measured and went home and built the piece to fit. I went back and tried to put it in but quickly realized there were major mortar and brick pieces in my way in the seams of the hole (where the missing mortar is). I decided to shorten the length of the mortar areas and not the depth but realized then I would have to create hundreds of those teeny tiny shapes to fit. So then I shortened the depth of the mortar areas so I could cosmetically make it seem like it goes deep but someone hasn’t chiseled that far back yet.

Somehow, even after testing, the geode didn’t fit when I went back to install! I had to mash it in, causing a few tears. I also had to cut part of it away at the top, that’s why you see scissors on the ground as I’m installing below.

I wish I could have filled every mortar area missing but I simply don’t have the man-power at this time. Therefore, this was an excellent test. I’m not totally happy with it, but glad I figured something out and learned some lessons.

Crystal, Mineral, Quartz Formations

Geode Placement Into Wall

Crystal, Mineral, Quartz Formations

Geode on Spring Street

Crystal, Mineral, Quartz Formations

Closeup of Geode on Spring Street

Mineral, Quartz, and Crystal Formations, Downtown LA

Closeup 2 of Geode on Spring Street

Quartz, Mineral, Crystal Formations, Downtown LA

Geode on Spring Street