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The Making of an Urban Geode

Over the past month, Gregory Tuzin has been shooting bits and pieces of me working on the giant geode installation at The Standard, Hollywood. I’m excited to show the finished results here!

It’s actually quite impressive what he’s done in between his own work and relaxing—shooting with his iphone while I folded pieces at a bar for example. So stealth! Hope you enjoy the video and are able to make it this Thursday for the reception.




dj + drinks + artist reception start at 7pm (with dj jeffrey paradise)
thursday, june 14th

the standard, hollywood
8300 sunset boulevard, west hollywood

RSVP to hello@raconteur.la

For more Standard events check out standardculture.com. Oh, and the track on the video is an amazing Remix of Architecture in Helsinki’s Escapee by SVRA. Check it out: soundcloud.com/svra/escapee.. and here’s the original, love it: vimeo.com/24269098


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Origami Stop Motion Videos by Sipho Mabona

I saw these a while ago on This Is Colossal and I haven’t stopped thinking about them. Yes yes, I love to fold paper, blah blah. I more love the execution of the videos shot by stoptrick, origami work by Sipho Mabona. Greg and I were talking about a personal branding video that includes stop motion similar to this but without paper. I love the idea of something morphing before our eyes without the help of human hands or any other element.




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Micro Geode Projection

This past week Greg and I had three friends (Carmen, Jake, and Dustin) visiting from San Francisco and it was a whirlwind of collaboration, creation, and brainstorms.

My friend Carmen and I had one specific project we’ve been talking about—to create a micro projection on a geode. Image mapping is rapidly becoming something more artists are exploring for visuals and installations, but it’s generally done very large. Large would be amazing on these geodes, but we wanted to see how small we can go, a personal and unique challenge.

We designed an image mapping over the shape of a 2″ x 2″ geode I created so that we could isolate each of the “crystal” shapes and make them glow. The result was actually quite fun! It looks like the individual crystals are sometimes glowing and pulsing.

We haven’t perfected it yet, but I wanted to post some of our results and process. We chose the video below to show the scale of the actual piece (starring my cat Stampy), and the images are various projections and angles of the piece. We’re thinking of eventually making this an installation piece, but aren’t sure of where or what exactly. Stay tuned for more thoughts and details as this project progresses!

crystal, mineral, quartz formations, paper art

Mini 2"x2" Paper Geode

crystal, mineral, quartz formations, image mapping, projection

Micro Geode Projection

crystal, mineral, quartz formations, image mapping, projection

Micro Geode Projection

crystal, mineral, quartz formations, image mapping, projection

Micro Geode Projection