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“Obsessed With Solitude” Show

Just a reminder that tonight is my first gallery showing at Time to Shine in downtown Los Angeles. I’ll be showing with CYRCLE, and next door at Soze Gallery will be more amazing artists. Hope to see you there!

Geode #20

About time I posted about the last geode I created in San Francisco. This one is completely different than all the geodes I’ve ever made—it looks like a barnacle!

I was thinking about quick and different ways to produce these pieces and conjured up this formation. It’s still a geodesic, crystallized shape, but it now protrudes from the wall rather than being embedded like an actual vug or geode rock. Inspired by Space Invader‘s work, I tiled the resin piece directly to the outside wall. I like to imagine some buildings are still internally compressing their insides into crystals, but some of them are now oozing and creeping out.

crystal, mineral, quartz formations, sf street art, paige smith

Getting a lift from my friend to tile the geode high on the wall

crystal, mineral, quartz formations, sf street art, paige smith

Geode #20

mineral, quartz, crystal formations, sf street art, paige smith

Geode #20

crystal, mineral, quartz formations, sf street art, paige smith

Geode #20

crystal, mineral, quartz formations, paige smith, sf street art

Geode #20

All images by Gregory Tuzin.

A New Blog, An Old Story

Welcome to my new blog site. Out with the p’uh, in with the common. Embracing my Smith status and my graphic designer status took some growing up. Are there too many Smith’s in the world? Yes. Even more graphic designers? Oh yes. I’m not going to pretend I’m incredibly unique, but my internal ego chants, “Embrace these ordinary labels because yes you are still an individual and you are important and people must see your work.” How typical.


Perfectly Blurry Stop Motion Test

A COMMON NAME, Stop Motion Test from Julian Paige Smith on Vimeo.

My very first foray into stop motion. Yes I know it’s blurry, yes I know it’s fast, but yes I do think it’s fun. I got the concept down, now onto the equipment…

Furry Pals Help Me Design

A Common Name, Dog Upset

Cat Declines A Common Name

Fixing My Photo Set Up

While starting photo shoots for my new brand, A Common Name, I got a few distractions. There are a few too many adorable animals trying their own layouts or probably just flat out disapproving my designs. They are way too cute to get mad at, so we happily documented their ideas..

Palling Around in Williamsburg, NY

"Mystic" - Art on Building

"Mythical Creature" - Building Art

Old Bird, New Pattern

Old Bird, New Pattern

Rust Pattern, Bedford Metro Stop

I’ve been traveling in New York the past 10 days and haven’t had much time for creative work. Alternatively, I’m experiencing plenty of creative inspiration from my surroundings. The fashion (it happened to be New York Fashion Week, lucky me), the graffiti, the grime and dirt, architecture, interior design, museums. It’s kind of like a system overload. I didn’t bring a fancy camera, but I snapped a few inspirations along the way. This post contains images found only in Brooklyn, just a few blocks from where I was staying. Definitely more to come.

Hello Pals!

P’uh is for play. P’uh is for passion. P’uh is for practice. And most of all—p’uh is for Paige.

This is a new blog devoted to all things design and art. Most artists and designers know they cannot include everything they create in their portfolio. Most of them. Fortunately, I’m one of those people. I’m spending most of my time these days exploring and discovering new ways to think of graphic design—through fine art, illustration, paper art, painting, sewing, and knitting. I want to be able to step away from my computer and use my hands more, which is how design started anyhow.

I’m posting my work here because I can’t show every project to potential employers but would love anyone to see my process and what I create in between. Rely on this blog to make mistakes, discover, explore, succeed, and fail in design.

Here’s to the rocky road ahead.