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Logo Design

Blow Up AND Get Down

Blow Up and Get Down

Yesterday was the deadline for the Communication Arts Typography Competition. I decided to enter the image above, an altered version of the Blow Up Flyer I created for the San Francisco Blow Up Forever party. I loved the flyer we created but I wanted to send something simpler and a step more conceptual. The paper letters actually blowing up out of the paper are super fun and I wanted to utilize the natural shadow they create when shooting them in the sun. This is the original, unretouched photo I used:

Blow Up Unretouched Photo

The idea of using the shadow keeps the image simple and natural. If something was literally blowing up out of the paper it definitely leaves that shadow (as proof above). This is what I love about using tangible items to create artwork, rather than making it up yourself on the computer. The one extra step of creating physical letters gives me the 3D image and the shadows to work off of.

The result, Blow Up and Get Down!

Blow Up Forever, Party Flyer

Blow Up Forever Flyer

Last week I designed this flyer for my friends that throw the party, Blow Up, in San Francisco. Late summer, they are going to throw a super Blow Up called, Blow Up Forever—with two dance rooms and a killer line up. We will be continuing to hone this design, but this was the kickoff flyer passed out last week.

PVC Grid, Stop Motion Setup

Stop Motion Grid, Full Set Up

PVC Pipe Grid

Bishop/Tuzin Logo Closeup

Full Shot of Cloud Set Up

Things are finally starting to happen! I’ve been bribing Greg with dinner at Pizzeria Mozza and massages in order to get him excited to make me things. He would have done these things anyway, but I like to give some extra energy into the project.

This week, after much trial and error, Greg has dreamed up and created a PVC pipe grid. The grid will be used for two projects, the first one I’ve already started setting up. The above pictures show first, the full set up. The second photo is an image of the grid, it’s a little warped because it’s not that strong (we’re not rich enough to buy steel or anything). Third, is the finished logo I created for Bishop/Tuzin out of paper already nestled in the clouds.

The last image is a straight on shot of the logo in the clouds. I made quite a few clouds from my first batch of pillow stuffing but I had to get more to fill in the background today. So far, so good. The really tricky part will be the camera set up and move…poor Greg needs to create a rolling camera rig so that we can zoom into the clouds and move up. Stay tuned!

Side note: sorry for the blurry images.

Stop Motion Prep

Bishop/Tuzin Cloud Test

I’m preparing for a short stop motion film for my friends’ website. They are starting a new brand for screen writing and filmmaking together and we need some imagery. The idea is to create several short videos that are classically cinematic and then use them super-sized, running in the background of their content. One image they’ve created is the well-used flying through stormy clouds, lightning flashing, and coming across the logo floating in the air. I decided to “Michel Gondry” the idea by creating a stop motion video of the idea. I started with the paper letters that I’ve already created and am now creating and test shooting the clouds (seen above). The clouds will keep me busy for a while, then on to the foil lightning bolts.

Post Brunch Work Day

Sunday Work Day

Paige’s New Business Cards

A Common Name, Business Card

I received my first business cards today and they aren’t exactly what I was aiming for, but I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. The original idea was to have a blind deboss on white cotton paper with no ink. Unfortunately, even though I asked the printer, the type at the bottom was too small to read once they were creating the first run of cards. I grudgingly agreed to adding a run of 30% black ink over the cards to help with legibility. The cards are definitely legible, yay. I’m digging my logo on there!

Despite my slight printing snafu, I’m really happy with the printer, Taste of Ink. Ask them for a printing sample, they have some nice stuff.