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Knitting Awesomeness

Knitted Scarf

Knitted Cardigan

Knitted Head Scarf

Huge Knitted Scarf

Love this stuff. Found on Jonathan Jacques-Belletête Tumblr. I knit a similar design as the men’s scarf last year, still yet to be recorded.



German Shepard Hat

Adam wearing his hat

Oli's Hat

Oli's Hat and Card

Oli wearing his hat

One of my first posts, Puppy, I had a fun photo shoot with a hat I had knitted for a friend. Since then, I’ve knitted one more hat and sent them both off to their new owners. The second hat was for a baby boy named Oliver, who goes by Oli. I decided to try some more knitting in the round with this design, as well as incorporating colors and knitting a chain. I think the little design turned out adorable and I love it on Oli!

I also had to create some little designed cards to send with the hats. Each got a custom card that had a little logo design, custom colors, and custom message.

The chain on the top of the hat for Oli has inspired me to keep knitting those designs. One of my favorite knitters out there, Yokoo, uses these “tubes” to create gigantic yarn chains interlocked together. Something I’m working on is creating the long tubes but not interlocking them together. Rather, creating a dozen designs and meshing them all together to create a fat multi-colored scarf. This will be a great design for those San Franciscans this summer!

Yokoo Design, The Cambridge Chain in Gold


Now here is a frustrating project! Categorize this in the knitting section of my design efforts. The knitted hat took me months. I would spend weeks not even touching it because I didn’t know how to move forward; but I finally found some great solutions and hopefully its new owner will love it.

This hat was “commissioned” by my friend Adam. I approached him because he wore a popular panda hat all the time and I wanted to make him something unique. Which animal in the whole animal kingdom does Adam like most? A dog! Specifically, a german shepherd. I think this is actually perfect for Adam, he’s very sweet, upbeat, and loyal.

I chose the green/gray palette because Adam wears the green quite a bit. I also did not want to use traditional colors that you actually see on a german shepherd—it can’t be too obvious.

Knitting the actual hat part was easy, I’ve made a few before. The ears were the biggest challenge. I knitted several prototypes unsuccessfully before settling on perfect triangles. I knitted them separately from the head so that I could make a two-tone ear, just like a german shepherd. To make them stand up, my friend suggested pipe cleaners which worked like a charm. I then crocheted the ears to the head along the bottom edges. These ended up looking like gigantic Yoda ears. Oops. After un-doing the stitching, I sat and bended, folded, and crunched the ears for about an hour before I found a nice shape that stuck straight up in the air rather than to the sides. This shape also created some padding inside the ears which helps with the overall effect.

I finally crocheted several designs for the eyes and nose. The final design were simply triangle eyes and a square nose. I’m not crazy about how this turned out, next time I would knit them directly into the hat instead of crocheting onto the top.

Finally, the photo shoot. Thank you Greg, for the lighting, and excellent modeling skills. I love how his photos turned out!