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Graphic Design

Election Season at The Standard

The past month, The Box at The Standard Hollywood featured an election theme. A nice, simple call to action to Vote! They featured some of The Box artists from this past year, and I was one of them. We were asked to create a button design so they could pin them to the Vote sign and hand them out to guests and friends.

Here are a few gorgeous shots of The Box with model, Erin, as well as an image of the buttons. Mine is the eagle shooting lasers out of his eyes. Amerikuh!

All photos by Melissa Manning

Oktoberfest Designs

Oktoberfest Designs 1 & 2

Oktoberfest Design 3

Oktoberfest Design 4

I was doing so good—writing posts almost three times a week, creating my own work, inspired constantly by others! One day I will learn what consistency is.

In the meantime, I’m posting old work. Officially, Oktoberfest has long ended, but there are some puttering little mini-Oktoberfests all over the country still kicking. I was asked to create some concepts for an internal corporate-America Oktoberfest this year and honestly, super excited to be given the task. I’ve always liked the vibe of Oktoberfest, and other festivals that aren’t just yearly holidays.

The above designs are a collection of accepted and rejected designs I created. The very first design was the accepted version, sans beer mug (what!). The rest are all rejected, and I was not surprised, they’re definitely the least obvious for corporate use. Unfortunately none of the illustrations are done by me, but if the overall layout was selected with illustrations I would have completely redone them to match.