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Nathan Craven

Found this amazing OCD artist, Nathan Craven, on Karen Kimmel! I like this for obvious reasons, but also for his gallery shows in particular. They’re interactive and experiential, something I’m thinking about for my future work.

Photos from Nathan Craven site.

Chrome Painted Houses

Chrome Painted Houses Huddled Together

Chrome Houses Close Up

Many years ago I created these houses out of clay. They were fired without glaze because our school’s glaze was pretty much of home made quality and I didn’t trust it. I wanted some Dr. Suess type colors—pink and purple and green and red—that were bright and brilliant. Thus, they went uncolored for many years. The other day, I woke up and had the idea to just spray paint them chrome. The next day I bought the paint, the next day they were painted. I love their new color and what a great feeling to finally finally finally finish.