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Rebecca Louise Law’s Flower Installations

I’ve been seeing Rebecca Louise Law’s latest installation The Flower Garden Display’d 2014 all over the net. Commissioned by London’s Garden Museum, it is a made up of 4,600 flowers. Law has been commissioned by almost everyone in the fashion business, including Hermes, Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci, Fred Perry, and Jimmy Choo.

I’m thinking about the draw of installation work such as this and the major common factor is repetition. Everything en masse is a draw to us humans, it seems. And my own work included, though often chaotic, it’s repetitive polyhedra and thousands of them to create a whole. Is it the actual repetition that draws us, seeing something constant? Or is is the madness behind it, that leads to such impressive works? Not sure, but I do know you have to be pretty mad to make them.






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