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The Golden Age Digital Logo

The Golden Age Papercut Logo

The Golden Age Papercut Logo

The Golden Age Papercut Logo

I recently recreated a logo for a writing project that’s being pitched right now. “The Golden Age” is set in Hollywood and what better landmark to represent than the El Capitan Marquee. I redrew and reorganized most of the original sign, and designed new text for the interior portion. I had some fun with the “outer glow” tool in photoshop to create the neon colors. The final sign was used in a poster for the show, but I can’t show that yet.

The next use of the logo, was to create a paper cut for the cover of the pitch book. Even after dropping quite a few details, this was the most intricate cut I’ve had to do. It is so small and had to look near perfect to be presentable on the cover of the book. The page under the book is a thick gold paper (seen above) and the book was hand bound with black silk tape.

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  1. Beverly

    I especially love the papercut!

    September 13, 2011 at 4:21 pm

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